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La Bottega di Montefienali

La Bottega di Montefienali

The Shop: La Bottega di Montefienali
From June to September
Open to the public 11 am /6 pm Tuesday and Thursday

Open to the public   4 pm /9 pm Wednesdays and Fridays
Open to the public 10 am /9 pm Saturday and Sunday
Closed on Monday

Located in the heart of the village and close to Villa Albizi, La Bottega di Montefienali is a small landmark for the guests of the village and beyond.
Guests and Visitors come here for a cappuccino or fresh bread, and in the evening for a drink, to relax with friends, sit quietly in the garden tables. The shop is stocked with wines, beers, liquors, biscuits, pasta, tomato sauce and all sorts of necessities, such as milk and sugar.
The seasonal menu complements the wines with dishes of fresh salads in the garden, abundant Tuscan soups and cold pasta, cold cuts and pecorino cheese.

Every week we're hosting cooking classes and wine local producers, with whom he prepares University classes to wine education, for improvement of product knowledge.
Tuesday and Thursday 12 am /1,30 pm
And you can contact our service at the Bottega di Montefienali to make the reservation upon check-in.

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Located in the heart of the Borgo and attached to the Villa Albizi, La Bottega di Montefienali offers the authentic, warm atmosphere of a Tuscan Trattoria.                               
La Bottega features a shaded open veranda overlooking the stunning valley. In this rustic and informal atmosphere, melded in wood and wrought iron, delicious pizzas and focaccia are prepared to order .